Controversial Health Care

Health is a hot button issue for politicians and voters in the recent past it has become. Some people believe that universal health care system so that everyone has access to health insurance should not be introduced. Others think that the health system should remain the way, currently with private health care companies in control of Government control of health policy.

Like all debates, money plays a role in the controversy behind health care. The cost of an already stretched budget will add an additional work for the Government hundreds of billions of dollars going to public health systems. Taxes should be raised to finance public health care plan. Some of the residents who brought most of the tax burden, not thinking, that they should have because they do not have the current crisis care is affected.

The argument for the other side claimed that the cost of health insurance has become so expensive that many Americans can't afford their monthly premiums. Americans not currently covered every year in medical bills cost hospitals millions of dollars.

Those who oppose universal treatment plan that healthy Americans who care do not have to bear the brunt of America don't even care about that. Statistics mean healthy wealthy in America.

On the other hand the problem believe that every citizen should have access to affordable insurance and health insurance. They claim that it is not a health care plan for each day it is available for a number of reasons, including those with health insurance are automatically disqualified under the current system.