In Romania, voting is still not an important right

I couldn't believe it tonight when they closed the voting booths with people waiting at the door and afterwords shouting that they want to vote.

It's just surreal! On one side every politician tells people to please go vote, but here you have people willing to vote, but the voting booths are being closed because it 21:00 sharp.

Mind you, it doesn't matter I had been standing in line since at least 20:30, I had no right to vote because I didn't physically get far enough in the line of people to get to vote by 21:00.

I was totally certain they will allow all of us to vote. How wrong I was !

I have never been particularly proud of being Romanian, but tonight I felt like a non-citizen. It's sad how low we are as a country on Maslow's hierarchy of needs: still just a hungry and tired bunch of people that just wanted to be done with this "voting" thing by closing the booths as soon as possible.

Just Sad.