Why Can't We Just Let the Free Market Fix Our Health Care System?

Often, the government promises they can fix any problem, and often politicians are elected based on these promises. However, when push comes to shove and performance is paramount they often fall on their sweet little behinds. Okay so, let me give you a case in point - let's talk about a free-market fix for our health care system here in the United States. You see, there's a very good book I just read, and one I'd like to recommend you. This is a book I do own, and I hesitate on lending it out, because this report and research is that good. The name of the book is;

"Health Care's Retail Solution - A Consumer Focused Here for the Industry," A Strategy + Business Book edited by Amy Bernstein, published by Booz Allen Hamilton Washington DC, 2008, 96 pages.

This is a very interesting book, and perfect for anyone who is seriously considering what it will take to bring costs down in our health care industry. Is there an answer, is there a solution better than ObamaCare. Indeed, it appears so, and there are eight great essays in this book covering a myriad of the challenges we face in the future, and it explains what we've been through in the past. These essays explain why we need a free-market solution, rather than a heavy government top-down solution.

These essays get into political philosophy, crony capitalism, state run capitalism, and the reality of cost controls and shortages based on socialized medicine. One of the more interesting essays is in the introduction by David G Knott PhD. Now then, I do believe you can find a copy of this book online, and download the PDF to your tablet computer to read at your leisure. You can read this book in one evening if you'd like, but I will suggest that you spend a few days, reading a couple chapters each day. Then think about how all these issues run together, and why the ObamaCare one-size-fits-all can't work.

The book also talks about the dangers to research, the runaway costs, and the future of provider payments. Much of the data which is used by the Government Accounting Office and the Congressional Budget Office (GAO and CBO) is less than adequate, and fails to take into consideration some of the most important computational analytics, not to mention the ever-changing demographics coupled with high unemployment, runaway debt, and a bureaucracy to boot.

While other essays out in the public and online might suggest that we should dump ObamaCare altogether, which is probably best - this book specializes in customer-focused care for the industry using a retail strategy, along with inner-city clinics, and integrated into Medicare albeit without the paperwork and bureaucracy nightmare behind it. Like I said, this is a book I do own, and is on my shelf, I would recommend it to those who are seriously considering real-world solutions for our health care challenges here the United States.

Controversial Health Care

Health is a hot button issue for politicians and voters in the recent past it has become. Some people believe that universal health care system so that everyone has access to health insurance should not be introduced. Others think that the health system should remain the way, currently with private health care companies in control of Government control of health policy.

Like all debates, money plays a role in the controversy behind health care. The cost of an already stretched budget will add an additional work for the Government hundreds of billions of dollars going to public health systems. Taxes should be raised to finance public health care plan. Some of the residents who brought most of the tax burden, not thinking, that they should have because they do not have the current crisis care is affected.

The argument for the other side claimed that the cost of health insurance has become so expensive that many Americans can't afford their monthly premiums. Americans not currently covered every year in medical bills cost hospitals millions of dollars.

Those who oppose universal treatment plan that healthy Americans who care do not have to bear the brunt of America don't even care about that. Statistics mean healthy wealthy in America.

On the other hand the problem believe that every citizen should have access to affordable insurance and health insurance. They claim that it is not a health care plan for each day it is available for a number of reasons, including those with health insurance are automatically disqualified under the current system.